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Clandeboye has a broad range of products that reflect the diverse nature of an estate that has evolved over so many centuries.

In recent years we have been able to restore old buildings to new uses and harvest our beautiful woodlands in a sustainable way to produce firewood from trees that fall or need to be replaced. We also grow Christmas trees as a nurse crop to help replacement oak tree to establish themselves.

Some of our old farmland has been converted to golf courses, with many acres of new tree planting and wildlife areas between the fairways.

We farm our land in a sustainable way, without being tempted into intensive land use. Part of the estate is used to grow organic vegetables which are sold locally, whilst the main part of the farm is dedicated to our fantastic herd of Holstein and Jersey cows that produce Northern Ireland’s only yoghurt. We also have a growing herd of Irish Moilies, which are Ulster’s only rare breed of cattle.

We have recently started a yoghurt shop at the dairy. Here you can see the cows being milked if you come along between 5 and 6pm and purchase some of our yoghurts and other produce from the estate, including our granola and honey, eggs and apples when they are available. Watch out for more products coming into the shop.